Contents inside VW Bus 

What should you bring for your vacation in our VW Bus Rental?

This page goes over what is provided with your rental. We pack the bus for each individual trip. 
If you have items of your own you would prefer to bring, just let us know and we will not pack the 
items. While packing the bus we keep in mind that a majority of our clients fly in from other areas. We 
try to stock the buses so you only need to bring your personal items with you. We also keep the environment in mind and pack items you may purchase and throw away at the end of your trip. 
Please let us know if you have any questions, or need something you do not see. 

Interior of 1978 VW Bus
Interior of Volkswagen Bus
Bottom Right: 
 Two burner gas stove and sink. 

Top Right:
Top popped with the side screen windows unzipped.
The upstairs bed is in the top of the picture. Simple fold over when ready to use. The cabinet under the bed holds two sets of sheets, bath and beach towels. Once removed you can store your personal items.

Left Center: 
The arm of the table slides out. Add the table that is stored beside your hanging closet for a dinning room set up.  

Curtains for full privacy. 

Interior of VW Bus
Behind the Z-bed you will find:
 two sleep bags. 
(Unzip and use as blankets with combination of sheets)  
camp chairs for each person traveling in the bus. 

The table attaches to the back cabnet. Once removed you will find compartments. First aide kit, bug repellent, sun screen. front curtain, adaptor for electric.

As you slide the back door open the cabinet you see in front of you hold all your cooking, dinning, and cleaning needs. Inside this original German cabinet you will find:

Top - lift to reveal a sink and two burner gas stove. 

First drawer
Grill lighter - scissors - wine key - playing cards, pen - table cloth holders - small flash light.

Second drawer:
 Set of 4 (forks, spoons, butter knife, steak knife) can opener, spatular, serving spoons, etc. 

Left cabinet door
Water tank for you sink - wash cloths - dish cloths - hand towels - hot pads, salt & pepper, spices, cooking oil, foil, plastic bags, dish detergent.

Middle cabinet door:  
Set of 4 (plates, cups, bowls, saucers) - serving bowl - serving plater - food storage containers - strainer - coffee cups - coffee press - wine glasses (optional) - pots & pan - grill set - tea kettle - paper towels -We leave the top shelf open for your food and personal items. 

Right cabinet door:  
Fan/heater - dish pan - table cloth - drying line -  indoor pose cord. 

Interior of 1979 VW Bus

The back bench is a Z bed and pulls out easily to make 
 a full size bed. The storage compartment under the seat 
 can be accessed by the door or by lifting the seat up. Under
 the seat you will find Out door power cord for plugging the 
 bus in to your campsite. Water hoes, trash can, outdoor propane stove, umbrella, drying line.
Interior of a VW Bus
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