Krazy Karl is a 1979 Volkswagen Westfalia Deluxe 
He is more conservative with his neutral colors. 

He loves long trips, as he glides down the road with his Koni shocks.

They say there is no better view than one from a 
VW Bay Window Bus! 
It is like a beautiful picture window with an ever changing 
view of your choice. 
Do you love beach camping? Watch our video 
with some footage from our previous renters.

Karl was purchased in Johnson City, Tennessee 
from a young man named Jordon. He brought it from 
his friend in Maine who had 
it passed to him from an uncle. He came with his name. He was named after 
a previous owner name 
Karl that was known to 
be a little crazy. 
Karl's History 
Rumor has it this beautiful 1979 Deluxe Westfalia  was originally purchased by a lady named Katherine. She drove him all around the south camping along the way. Karl acquired the bus. I am not sure how long he had it, but it ended up for sale in his front yard in Asheville, North Carolina. 

Jeff Morris had moved to Johnson City, Tennessee in 1997 from New Mexico and brought his love of campaign with him. He ended up getting the VW fever from his friends green bus. He started his search and could not find the perfect bus. One of his friends was returning home from a road trip and seen Karl with a for sale sign. The phone number was delivered to Jeff on a torn off piece of paper bag. He immediately called the guy and went for a test drive. 

Karl was really a character and talked non-stop. Bus Karl went home with Jeff that day, and was the perfect fit for his family. Jeff bought books and worked exclusively on Karl with exceptions of having the heads rebuilt. Thankful Johnson City had an importer shop and Jeff was able to add some nice parts. We are very thankful he left the fuel injections. We both agree that it is a well designed system. Jeff also did a great job when covering Karl to electronic ignition. 

As many previous bus owners Jeff misses his old bus. He recently purchased a 71 beetle for his 17 year old son. Working on the beetle has brought back many memories of working on Karl and has provided a way of teaching his son the care of a VW. 

Krazy Karl 
on the 
photo shoot 
2014 Catalog 
 Luna Guitars 
Ft DeSoto

Pick any spot along your journey to set 
up for the day. 
In less than 
10 minutes 
you can have 
the site set up in your VW Bus Rental with all your items close by. 

Photo: Ft DeSoto

Ft DeSoto
(Awming not provided by Oldscool Campers)

I used a vintage print 
for the curtains 
with red to 
add warmth
 inside the sleeper van. 

Great set up 
inside the bus. 
Inside this groovy vintage Volkswagen Bus...

The passenger 
seat spins 
around to 
face the
 back seat
 for your
'Living room' 
Simple add a 
table for your 
'dining room' 

A second view of 
the table set up. 

The top of the cabinet raises
 to reveal a sink with
 on-board water tank, 
and a two burner stove 
with on-board propane. 

Here is a second view of the kitchen area. The top of the cabinet raises to reveal your sink with onboard water tank and a two burner gas stove. 

The cabinet also holds cups, plates, silverware, coffee mugs, coffee press, pots and pans, strainer, drying mat, dish towels, food storage containers, spatular, lighter for the stove, pen, deck of cards, wine key, head lamp, table cloth and table cloth holders, dish pan, fan (heater in the winter), salt, spices, cooking oil, foil and sandwich bags. We also leave the top shelve in the center cabinet empty for your food and supplies. 

This give you a 
great view of the 
headroom you 
have inside the 

A "Z" bed turns from your couch to a double bed. 

The Top pops to reveal a second double bed. 

The front and sides of the canvas unzips to give the feeling of sleeping in a tent or a 
tree house. 

The canvas 
unzips in the 
front and both 
sides to give 
you a 
great view while beach camping

The front
 screen unzips
to add an 
unit for the 
warmer months
 in Florida. 
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