Jasmine   is a 1978 Sage Green VW Westfalia Deluxe

She travels Florida spreading love everywhere she goes. 

She is a unique mini RV Rental

Retro in style with her original plaid fabric. 
VW Bus, Florida State Parks,
Jasmine, our 1978 VW Bus

As you slide the door open
 in your VW Bus Rental 
you will find a nice 
layout inside. 
The cabinet is against 
one wall. 
You would be amazed 
what all is stored inside. 

The bench seat has 
two sets of pillows 
that double as your sleeping pillows to 
save space. 
To access seat belts, simply reach down 
in-between the seats 
to retrieve two 
lap belts.

The two front seats 
have 3 point seat belts. 

Once you park, the passenger seat spins 
around to face the 
opposite direction. 

This will give you a 
living room setting. 

This is one feature we love! 
All of the buses in our fleet
 have this option. 

Inside this 
groovy girl 
you will find a 
two burner gas stove, 
a sink with a 
7 gallon water tank, 
storage for all your cooking 
and dining supplies. 

Inside the cabinet is stocked 
with everything you need 
for cooking, dining, and cleaning. 

We leave the top shelf empty 
for your groceries. 

We also supply a reusable grocery bag. 
We ask you keep our 
environment in mind 
while visiting our beautiful state. 

For the dining room, just add the table provided for you on the side of the back cabinet. 

The table can be used inside or partial outside of the bus. 

We have updated the dishes to very cute VW Bus dishes to add into the experience. 

In the cabinet under the bench seat is a storage compartment. You can access by raising the seat, or using the door in front. We store a trash can, power cord, water hose, single burner gas stove, propane container & umbrella
The 'Z' bed turns from your couch
 to one of two double beds. 
You can see the second bed
 in the top of the picture. 
It folds over to give you 
more head room during the day. 
The bed upstairs is hinged. Simply flip the bed over 
when your ready to use

 We provide two sets of sheets, one for the upper and one for the lower.  
We ask you to use them, 
or bring your own. 

We also include 
two sleeping bags 
to be unzipped 
and used as a blanket. 

The top pops to reveal the second double bed. 

The font and sides of the canvas unzip to give you
 the feeling of sleeping in 
a tent or a tree house.

 If only two people are traveling, you can sleep upstairs and keep the downstairs set up as your living room. 

We found Jasmine in Asheville, North Carolina. She was owned by a young women and spent much of her life touring the states. Her former name was Voyager, but I felt like Jasmine was more suitable for her personality. We took her completely apart and restored her to near perfect. She has been touring the state of Florida going on 5 years and by now.... knows her own ways to the Florida Keys! 
Camping in the woods can be exciting and unique as seen 
on this couples honeymoon. (below)

Jasmine enjoying one of Florida State Parks campgrounds. 

The ever chainging beautiful view of a Bay Windows on a VW Road-trip. 
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