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We only have one insurance company that will write this type of business and we are grandfathered in. We have very strict guidelines from the insurer, so we need the information on the form. 

These are vintage vehicles, and we have strict guidelines with distance and miles. Please follow the link to our Policy Page. 

Just imagine how groovy you will look as you cruise down the road in one of our 
vintage VW Bus Rentals! 

map of St Petersburg, FL
Obligation as a Renter:
four vw buses
Understand that these are vintage vehicles and MUST be driven at a slower speed. If you plan to arrive at your destination quickly, a modern vehicle would be more suitable for you. Traveling in a VW Bus is about the journey, not the destination. These buses travel at 55 mph with no more than 4 hours consecutive driving. We do expect our renters to treat these vehicles as if they were their own! We have had many families enjoy their trip with FOC. We allow well-behaved kids only! These are vintage vehicles and broken items are very hard to replace.
fleet of Vintage VW Buses
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