Our fleet of vintage Volkswagen Westfalias 

Keep in mind that we take requests for a specific bus but do not guarantee any particular one. 
We ask for your top three choices on the Reservation Form. All of our Volkswagen Westfalia 
buses are set up exactly the same except for color in the Bay Window Buses (1970's models).The 1988 Vanagon has the same set up for camping, but more modern
 and slightly larger in size. 

Inside this unique Bay Window Bus and the Volkswagen Westfalia Vanagon you will find a
 two burner gas stove, a sink with a 10 gallon water tank, stocked with all your cooking supplies, cups, silverware, plates, etc. A "Z" bed turns from your couch to a double bed. Next to the bed
 is a space for hanging clothes and an overhead cabinet for your personals. 
This space is also stocked with sheets, bathing and beach towels.

 The passenger seat spins around and a table can be set up to make into a dining room. 

The top pops to reveal the second double bed. 
The front and sides of the canvas unzip to give you the feeling of sleeping in a tent or tree house. 
If only two people are traveling, you can you can sleep upstairs and keep 
the downstairs set up as your living room. 
All inside this groovy Bay Window Volkswagen Westfalia. 

Jasmine 1978 Volkswagen Westfalia Deluxe  1978 1978 Volkswagen Westfalia Deluxe 2.0L Standard Transmission. 
                    She is a reliable classic ride with 100's of flawless trips to the keys. 

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Beach camping in the Florida Keys in a Bay Window Bus made by Volkswagen Westfalia
Krazy Karl   1979 Volkswagen Westflia Deluxe 2.0L Standard Transmission 
                           Karl is a Reliable Classic Ride with 100's of flawless journeys. 
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Ft DeSoto Park

Autumn   1977 VW Westfalia Deluxe 2.0L Standard Transmission 

                     She is festive and a Reliable Classic Ride with 100's of journeys to the keys.  


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Autumn camping in the Florida Keys

Gus the Photo Bus  1977 Volkswagen Bay Window Bus 2.0L Standard Transmission 

                                          He is just been restored and we are still working out all the kinks so he can 

                                          be as reliable as the rest of our fleet. 


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 Must be at least 26 years old, with a minimum of 2 years driving experience. The driver must have a valid drivers license the entire time of rental agreement.  The renter/driver must have a valid major credit card in their name. No more than two drivers per rental. All drivers must be present for a familiarizing tour of your rental. It takes 45 minutes to 1 hour to complete. Florida Oldscool Campers, LLC buses are for holidays in the state of Florida.  If your plans take you out of the state you must have prior approval. Taking the bus out of the state without approval will be an automatic loss of your Security Deposit. 

Accident & Mechanics

In the event you do have an accident/mechanical problem along your journey, we need to be notified as soon as it's safe to do so. The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can get you road side service and back to your journey.  After these buses come out the restoration shop, we drive them thousands of miles before we rent them. This insures any kinks have been worked out. 

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