• Reservation Deposit 
  • Security Deposit 
  • Cancellations 
  • Date Change 
  • Requesting buses 
  • Insurance Coverage 
  • Supplemental Insurance 
  • Drivers Requirements 
  • Accidents and Mechanics
  • Rental Time Period
  • Requirements for traveling to the keys
  • Cleaning fee 
  • Gift Certificates 
  • Occupancy
  • Right to use
  • Pets
  • Cleaning fee 
Reservation Deposit

The $250 deposit will hold the dates you have requested and will be applied to the final balance of the vw bus rental. Reservations canceled 60 days or more in writing prior to the departure date will be refunded 50% ($125.00). We have a rebooking fee of $50 if you would like to change the dates. 

The Reservation Deposit will be applied to the final balance. The balance can be payed by check, money order, or major credit card.

Security Deposit 

The amount of one thousand dollars ($1,000) and verified on a credit card with this amount available. We only hold the credit card number unless damage occurs. 

If damage of an accident we secure the full Security deposit until the cost of damage can be established. Once all quotes, and administration cost has been figured in an estimate will be send. If the damages are less than the Security Deposit the remainder will be refunded to the credit card. If the damage is great than the Security Deposit you will have the choice to pay or file a claim on your personal insurance policy. 

We have up to 72 hours to check in the vehicle and notify you of missing or damaged items. This is due to the number of items inside the bus. If it's a missing item you can choose to send the item back or pay for the cost. 

If our 'Terms and Conditions or Policies are broken we have 10 days to notify you of damage and may be subject to a loss of security deposit. Keep in mind these are classic cars and come with special stipulations. 
Date Changes:
Your dates can be changed for free within 48 hours of the Reservation. There will be a $50 charge for each date change. (If the dates are available) If the second set of dates are canceled, there will be no refund issued. 
Requesting buses

We take request for a specific bus but do not guarantee any specific bus. All of our 70's buses are set up exactly the same except for color. We ask for your top three picks on the Reservation Form. We always try to give our customers the bus they want, but it is not always possible to do so. 


If you cancel your reservation within 7 days, 50% of final payment (minimum $250) will be charged. IF you are a no show, you will be charged the full rental.

If the rental doesn't supply full payment, proof of insurance, paper work, valid drivers license, valid credit card then your despot will be forfeited. If within 7 days you will be charged 50% of the rental.

*Exceptions may be made for proof of emergencies. You will be asked to submit another Reservation Deposit and the canceled Reservation Deposit will be applied to the balance of your rental minus the $50 rebooking fee. 

There will be no refunds for early return. A credit for a future rental will be available for emergencies. 

Insurance on Classic Cars

Florida Oldscool Campers, LLC has and maintains the state required liability insurance.. It's required the renter has current full coverage insurance (comp and collision) on their personal automobile. 

If you do not have full coverage insurance, you will either need to take out a separate binder or add full coverage to your policy for the time period of the VW Bus Rental.

FOC sleeper van rentals / Volkswagen Campervans will not be released until your insurance is verified. If you are traveling from outside the US or Canada please contact us for information. 

The renter will be responsible for all damages to the Volkswagen Camper-van or sleeper van rental. Including Proof of insurance as soon as we receive your Reservation Form. FOC will verify your insurance to a make sure they cover you 7 days prior to your departure date.  

Our insurance company offers extra coverage that may be purchased called SLI (Supplemental Liability Insurance). Please see the description below. SLI covers damage to other vehicles and third parties (not your VW Bus Rental). 

If your insurance covers you in a rental car, then it should cover you in Volkswagen Camper-van, Sleeper van rental, and classic car rental. When speaking to your insurance accompany make sure you refer to the bus as a mini van. IF you say 'Bus" they will think you are traveling in a much larger vehicle and your insurance company will not cover. Also, the vehicle is not listed as a camper or RV. The title actually reads 'Station Wagon' because mini vans were not created yet. 

Credit card insurance will not cover the buses due to age. They all have a 25 year clause not including classic cars. 

Florida Oldscool Campers dose not sell insurance. 

Supplemental Liability Insurance (SLI)

SLI insurance is excess liability insurance that protects you and any authorized driver, as defined in the rental agreement, against third party automobile claims for bodily injury and property damage caused during permitted use of the rental vehicle. The rental agreement may provide some minimum protection for third party liability. Our insurance is limited due to our rentals are classic cars. 

Traveling to the Florida Keys 

Our customers usually travel between 800-1200 miles when traveling to the keys. We require a minimum of 7 nights. We also require you to stop and camp in Ft Myers - Everglades. The keys are a long way, and you must take care to drive the bus at 55 mph with 60 mph for passing. We suggest you enjoy our Gulf Beaches before you hit the keys. 

Cleaning Fee 

FOC expects you to bring the bus back in the same condition as you picked it up. We do not expect you to wash the bus or the laundry. We expect you to sweep out the bus, make sure all dishes are washed, tie back curtains and leave it as you found it. It takes us 3-4 hours of prep time cleaning the Volkswagen Camper-van and completing 110 point inspection. Please respect the bus! If you do not bring it back clean and orderly, you will be charged a cleaning fee. 

Gift Certificates 

Value of certificate is only by the name on the certificate. Non transferable. No cash value. If reservation is made using the gift certificate and canceled an additional fee of $20 is added to the $50 cancellation fee if canceled prior to 30 days. 

Drivers Requirement 

Must be at least 26 years old, with a minimum of 2 years driving experience. The driver must have a valid drivers license the entire time of rental agreement. The renter/driver must have a valid major credit card in their name. No more than two drivers per rental. All drivers must be present for a familiarization tour of your Volkswagen Camper-van. This usually last between 45 minutes to one hour. We will show you how everything works on your sleeper van rental. Florida Oldscool Campers, LLC buses are for holidays in the state of Florida only. 

Accidents & Mechanics

In the event you do have an accident or mechanical problem along your journey, we need to be notified as soon as it's safe to do so. The sooner you contact us the sooner we can get you road side service and back to your journey. Florida Oldscool Campers Buses are driven thousands of miles and at least three road trips after restoration has been completed. Only then is it considered 'rental ready'. This insures any kinks have been worked out and the bus is stocked with everything you may need. This gives us peace of mind knowing that we have done everything in our power to set you up to be a happy camper in your Volkswagen Camper-van rental .

Right to Use

Customer agrees: (a) Link our website to any photo/video used of our VW Buses. (b) Give credit to Florida Oldscool Camper Rentals for any use of our RENTAL VEHICLES . (c) Take down any photo or video that doesn't comply with our policies or Terms and Conditions. 

If you would like to use FOC material for promotional purpose without giving us credit, please email us for the rates. 


We do not allow pets at this time. We hope to add a pet friendly bus in the future. 
Cleaning fee 

We do not charge a cleaning fee 'if' you bring the rental back in the same condition. We do not expect you to wash the bus or sheets & towels. We expect you to sweep out the vehicle, wash all dishes, and put everything back as you found it. 
What to expect during your 'Check out'

Paper Work: 
We have a lot of information to go over and we try to do it as quickly as possible. Our insurance company supplies us with a contract, plus FOC has our own set of paperwork. We verify your insurance before you arrive to save time. We take payment and secure a copy of your driver's license. 

The bus: 
Starting at the driver's seat. Then to the front of the bus around to the sliding door, inside the bus including all camping equipment, the pop top, sink, stove, beds, where all items are located. Gas cap, back of the bus and the electric hookups last. 

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