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We started this business to share a unique experience. The simplicity of traveling in a VW Bus is refreshing. As you drive down the road and see the peoples reactions of smiles, waves and thumbs up you can't help but be happy. Each bus has a different personality and history. They have been traveling around for almost 40 years! Our customers come from all walks of life. We do get our share of previous bus owners, but many of our customers have never been in a bus. We get families that make the kids put up their electronics and open the wonderful side windows and let the salty sea air flow throughout the bus. It is an experience that most don't slow down to enjoy these days. A trip back in time when life wasn't so rushed and complicated. We have had customers pop the big questions and return to spend their honeymoon in the bus. Our buses have been in commercials, TV shows, photo shoots, weddings, family reunions, and family convoys. We believe in old school customer service where we help plan your trip because we care and want you to have a great trip! We have meet wonderful customers throughout the world. We are a very small company, wearing many hats and we remember each customers. We pack each bus individually for our customers and put many personal touches that a corporation would not. We also do an 110 point inspection to make sure you are traveling in a well maintained reliable vehicle.  

Dixie has spent many years in 
the wholesale side of the automotive 
industry. A variety of jobs, the first as 
a Fleet Lease Representative at an 
auto auction. She has always loved 
this line of work and has put her love of traveling 
into this unique business. 
Vintage Camping: Good things come in Smaller Packages
By: Clay Ritchings 
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One of the first articles
Not all road trips require a behemoth RV that is ugly and drains your wallet every time you gas it up, not to mention most people are not comfortable drving such monstrosities. How about traveling to your favorite camping spots in a unique completely resotred VW bus? Want to camp at the beach and fish til dark? Well, Florida Oldscool Campers, LLC can assist you in planning a perfect holiday.  continue Reading...

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Krazy Karl & Luke on the cover of a magazine
Luna Guitars is owned by an incredible lady and based in Tampa Bay. She creates artistic guitars that sound beautiful.  
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Mike and Dixie on our local news
ST. PETERSBURG, FL (WFLA) - A St. Petersburg company is offering its customers a groovy way to experience the sunshine state.

Instead of offering traditional RVs for vacationers to rent, Florida Oldscool Campers rents vintage Volkswagen buses.

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5 Retro Vacations by Dawn Henthorn

Loryn and Adam wedding with Jasmine 

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Florida Oldscool Campers loves weddings

This is how I immediately picture my idea of a fun intimate wedding. No fuss, just pure style and energy beaming from the important people in your life. And if a beach wedding doesn’t already invoke that kind of laidback mood we all love, add in a VW Camper. Bam, fun beach wedding through and through. Dive in on these images by Raquel Sergio

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